Tuesday, June 7, 2011

French Artist Desecrates Omaha Beach

Get a load of the photo above folks, some moron in France has taken it upon himself to create sculptures to commemorate the landing at Omaha Beach. Sunday evening The Blaze reported that an artist by the name of Rachid Khimoune created 1,000 sculptures of sea turtles with Nazi, Soviet and American combat helments on their back to commemorate D-Day and to promote world peace.
     Now, I several problems with this little display, 1. it was the Americans who liberated Omaha Beach NOT the Soviets, at the time they were still trying to get back to pre-war borders. 2. We were fighting the Nazis and trying to kill them and vice versa. 3. If this dummy wants world peace why doesn't he do something about it and join the military? 
     The reason I am so offended  by this and every other American should by as well, is that over 3,000 American soldier gave their lives at Omaha Beach and many more throughout western Europe so that the French, Belgian, Dutch and Jewish peoples could be free from the Nazis. Omaha Beach is sacred ground because of the men who gave their lives to liberate Europe and to desecrate the Beach in this way is extremly disrespectful to the men who made the ultimate sacrifice at that place.

Photo Credit: The Blaze

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