Friday, June 24, 2011

You To Can Rename Al-Qaida

     When Osama Bin Laden was nailed about a month ago, he was working on a new name for Al-Qaida, as the Danger Room reports.
     The best Osama had come up with so far was "Monotheism and Jihad Group", it's pretty obvious that Osama needed a advertising advisor. So, to help fix this problem the Danger Room is holding a contest to find a new name for Al-Qaida, some of the most popular names right now are "League Of Extraordinary Beards", 

"Kandahar Ardent Brotherhood Of Orthodox Muslims" (KABOOM), "Dr. Bin Laden's 100% Natural Good Time Terror Band Solution", "Bad News Beards", SEAL bait, "These Aren't The Beards Your Looking For", etc. 

     So, if you think you have the new name for Al-Qaida hop on over to the Danger Room and enter your suggestion.

Note: This is just a joke, and vote for the name Muslims & Guns.

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