Friday, June 17, 2011

Planes.....The Movie

     Stephen Trimble over at The DEW Line spotted this trailer for a Disney spin off of the "Cars" franchise. The movie is supposed to have something to do with carrier aviation, take a look.
     Trimble says quote, "Like all good art, the trailer shown below inspires many questions, such as: Is that really a V-tailed EA-6B in the background? Why do you need a catapult to launch an AirTractor? How can a B-2 zip around like that without compromising its structural integrity? And, perhaps most disturbingly of all, why am I questioning the contextual purity of a cartoon?
     Well, to answer Trimble's questions, 1) No, it's an F/A-18G Growler. 2) You need a catapult to launch an AirTractor, because 680 & 1/2 horsepower isn't going to get you off a carrier deck. 3) It's Disney and it's a cartoon. 4) You are questioning the contextual purity of a cartoon because you are an adult.
     Planes is supposed to be a straight to DVD movie and will not go through theaters, but I think NetFlix will be getting a lot of requests for it in 2013.

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