Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Libyan Rebels Use APC Turret On Pickup Truck

     That's right folks, the Libyan Rebels have done it again by welding a BMP-1 turret to the back of a pickup truck, as the video below shows.
     I have not really covered the war in Libya very much as the only reason to do so is because our president overstepped his powers, but thats politics. However, what is I do like to cover is they way the Libyans on both sides can improvise as I have written about before, but it is the Rebels that can really improvise as the photo below shows.
     To get back to the video above the photo the Rebells welded a BMP-1 turret to a pickup truck, the turret in question is armed with a 73mm 2A28 Grom soomthbore semiautomatic gun. The Grom fires a RPG-like projectile that can penetrate up to 11in of armor or with newer versions up to 16in, and has a battlefield range of 500 meters. However, as the men operating the turret in video show, they are not trained professionals and probably won't hit much except air. 
     Moving on to the photo, the rocket pod in question is a UB-16 rocket pod that fires S-5 series unguided rockets. S-5 rockets weigh about 5kg depending on warhead and fuse and have a range of 3 to 4 kilometers and are about 1.4 meters long. 
     With the war in Libya dragging on it will be interesting to see how both sides continue to make improvise weapon systems that defey standard logic.

Photo Credit: Department Of Defense, and 2 unidentified photographers

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