Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ron Paul On 9/11 & Iraq

     Ron Paul recently made a statement that the Bush administration was "gleeful" after 9/11 because they now had a reason to invade Iraq. However, what Mr. Paul forgets is that we didn't invade Iraq until December of 2003, two years after 9/11. We invaded Afghanistan immediately following 9/11. On top of this the pretext for invading Iraq was that they were supporting Al Qaeda (true), and they had Weapons of Mass Destruction (true).
     My real beef with this statement is for three reasons: 1. The fact the Mr. Paul fails to realize we were attacked preemptively by 19 muslims.  2. Mr. Paul continues to disrespect those who died in the attacks on the Pentagon, the WTC, and United Flight 93. 3. Mr. Paul shows a complete lack of historical knowledge of something that happened only 10 years ago.

Here is the quote:

Video Credit: CBS

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  1. I generally like the guy, even with his 'kooky' side. If he could just stay off the subject of foreign policy.
    Every time he starts talking about 9/11, it's facepalm time.
    You know damn well he's going to go 'third party' when he doesn't get the GOP nomination, and split the conservative base enough so The Bamster gets a second term.