Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

Well, as midnight creeps ever closer, I think it would be good to look back all that has happened in 2011.
     The Good. Gadhafi, Bin Laden, and Kim Jong Il are all dead (I hope they have special places near the furnace in Hell). Eric Holder and the DOJ are in hot water over Fast and Furious.  The U.S. is out of Iraq (its debatable if thats good). General Quarters! was started, and as of 3 PM, The Peanut Gallery was started. And some other stuff happened I don't remember.
     The Bad. The Japanese Tsunami killed a few hundred people. The economy continues to tank (three guesses why... Hint: its not only Congress). Agent Brian Terry was killed on the border with Mexico with a gun from Fast and Furious. A Congresswoman Giffords was shot in Tuscon, (she is now doing at lot better, and can talk again). Robert Gates canceled the SLAMRAAM and EFV. And a lot of other stuff I'd rather not remember.
     As the year comes to close, here are a few stats from the year, General Quarters! was viewed almost 8200 times, 8 comments were posted, and the country with the most views outside of the U.S. (at 4500) was the Philippines at 321. The most popular post in 2011 was The F-15 Silent Eagle: A Dark Horse, you can see the rest at the popular posts gadget below. Finally, I would like to thank you to who have read General Quarters! this year, and as we are only 5 hours from midnight I wish you a happy 2012.

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