Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ron Paul On The War On Terror

     At the last Republican primary debate Ron Paul proceeded to explain why Muslims have good reasons to kill Americans. Ron Paul claimed that muslims kill Americans simply because we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and killed lots of people over there. 
     Now, Mr. Paul we invaded Afghanistan because 19 Muslims destroyed the WTC and killed 2,600 of our countrymen, and 400 foreign nationals in New York City and in the Pentagon. Following the attacks we invaded Afghanistan and two years later invaded Iraq. Mr. Paul, to say that they kill our citizens because we have bases in their holy land is a lie. We have bases in Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others because they attacked us. 
     Our invasion of Middle East is because of what the Muslims did to us, not because we want their oil, or to get influence. No, it is because they have attacked the most powerful country on earth and they are and will catch heck for it. To sum it up, you Mr. Paul are nuts.

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