Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Iranian Military Photos

     Uskowi On Iran has been posting some rather interesting photos of a recent Iranian military parade. The first two photos show a Bavar-2 in what little glory it has. The Iranians claim that the Bavar-2 is a stealth aircraft, even thought it has an open-air cockpit and an engine block that would destroy any stealth it had.

Next up to bat is the Ashura-class inshore patrol craft. It appears to be armed with a PKM machine gun on the bow, and a MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher System) system above the cockpit which looks like it would burn the helmsman if the rockets are launched.

Now in this next section we see some of Iran's trucks and artillery. First to strikeout is Iran's copy of the BM-21, the HMxx MLRS, which is equipped with 30 122mm rocket tubes. The BM-21 was developed in 1964 and it's rocket have no guidance system. 

After the HMxx we see two D-20 152mm towed howitzers.

Now we come to section of the parade where Iran shows off it's repackaged Estes rockets that they claim will take out tanks. First we see a BGM-71 mounted on a truck. After that we see 13 trucks carrying AT-5s.

Next we come to the most dangerous (to the Iranians) vehicle in the parade. The Samander dune buggy with a M134 .30cal minigun on top.

Last we come to a large formation of Iranian soldiers carrying something that appears to be a weapon from American Gladiator.

Photo Credit: Uskowi On Iran, the last photo is from The Blaze

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