Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SecDHS Admits Terrorists Are Crossing The Border "From Time To Time"

     From CNS News:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress last week that terrorists intending to harm the American people enter the U.S. from Mexico “from time to time."

At a July 25 hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Ron Barber (D-Ariz.) asked Napolitano: “As you know, Madam Secretary, there have been anecdotal reports about material evidence of the presence of terrorists along our southern border. My question is, is there any credible evidence that these reports are accurate and that terrorists are, in fact, crossing our southern border with the intent to do harm to the American people?”
Napolitano answered: “With respect, there have been--and the Ababziar matter would be one I would refer to that's currently being adjudicated in the criminal courts--from time to time, and we are constantly working against different and evolving threats involving various terrorist groups and various ways they may seek to enter the country.”
“What I can tell you, however, is that that southern border--the U.S.-Mexico border--is heavily, heavily staffed at record amounts of manpower, materiel, infrastructure and the like, and we are constantly making sure we're doing all we can to make that border as safe as possible,” she said.
     Here is video of the hearing:

     Not surprising, in 2005 2 Iraqis were caught attempting to smuggle weapons to Al-Qaeda, and if you know where to look there are often reports of Arabs crossing the border. For the the last 50 year the U.S. southern (and northern) border have become like swiss cheese, with hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing yearly. Nothing has been done about this because most illegals tend to vote Dem, and why would a politician alienate their voters? But one of these days our lax immigration policy will come back and bite us in the butt.

Photo Credit: Dan Sorensen

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