Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petraeus As Romney's VP?

     Needless, to say this would the curve ball to end all curve balls. David Petraeus has stated he has no political ambitions, but in light of what Sparky has done to the country he might just come back and run as VP if Romney asks him. That said, Jay Carney stated this morning that Sparky never said anything about Romney wanting Petraeus to be his VP, but Carney has lied before, so take it with a few kilos of salt. I must also add that Petraeus's views on domestic and foreign policy are unknown. Read the article from The Drudge Report:

President Obama whispered to a top fundraiser this week that he believes GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wants to name Gen. David Petraeus to the VP slot!

"The president wasn't joking," the insider explains to the DRUDGE REPORT.

A Petraeus drama has been quietly building behind the scenes.

Romney is believed to have secretly met with the four-star general in New Hampshire.

The pick could be a shrewd Romney choice. A cross-party pull. The Obama administration hailed Petraeus as one of history's greatest military strategists. Petraeus was unanimously confirmed as the Director of the CIA by the US Senate 94-0.

But Petraeus has categorically asserted that he has NO political ambitions. And Team Obama stands prepared to tie one of their own to "Bush wars." A Petraeus pick could been seen as simply shuffling the decks of power in DC.

"He's a serious man, for seriously dangerous times," notes a top Republican.

A DRUDGE POLL on Tuesday morning showed readers split on if Romney should give it a go.

And the calendar is running out of days.


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  1. My money is on Marco Rubio being selected, but Mitt Romney will probably pick a "safe" Northeastern Republican.