Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Name The Varyag

     The Diplomat has a little contest ring on where you can suggest a name for the ex-Varyag. Read it:

China needs your help.
Shipwrights in Chinese yards worked wonders transforming a Soviet hulk sold for scrap into a working aircraft carrier. The flattop formerly known as Varyag has ventured out of port on sea trials several times this past year. The People’s Liberation Army Navy appears satisfied with its performance. In fact, some press outlets speculate it could be placed in commission as early as thismonth. But it needs a name. It must stop being the Prince of the naval-aviation world.
Our friends in Beijing are evidently having a hard time settling on a name, though. The vessel was reportedlygoing to bear the name Shi Lang, for a long-ago conqueror of Taiwan. When word got out, the ensuing uproar apparently convinced China’s leaders they were being a tad heavy-handed—especially when they were cultivating an era of good feelings across the Taiwan Strait. Since then the poor ship has gone by “ex-Varyag,” truly an undignified moniker to grace China’s first operational carrier.
That’s where you can help. What kind of name should the ship have? Should it overawe all who behold it, sporting a name like Indisputable Sovereign of the Sea? Should it emphasize the cuddly side of Chinese sea power, with something like Panda Bear or Hello Kitty? Or something else? Please tell us! Enter your response in the comments below. Our crack editorial team will judge the responses and publish the winner next week. The prize will be … a date with editor Harry Kazianis!! (Editor's Note: What?)
And China will thank you.

     Currently, there are names like, Missile Magnet, The Great Leap Forward, Russian Roulette,
  and The Pain Train, among many others. So hop on over there and post your suggestion.

Hat tip to Bayou Renaissance Man for spotting this.

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