Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why We Need Romney

     With 5 months left to go till the presidential election, and the lesser evils gone from the GOP primary. This is my reasoning why we need Romney.
     Romney first and foremost, is a politician. And as a politician he leans which ever way the political winds are blowing, as he wants to win elections. As of today most of America is leaning towards a more conservative government, Romney has adjusted campaign platform to account for that. Romney has record of supporting gun control, the public option, and is pro-choice among other things.  However, because the GOP base/independents have shown that they oppose gun control, government health-care, and are pro-life, Romney will follow our lead. Otherwise he will alienate his base, and will lose his shot at the White House, because he is a politician.
     The other reason we need Romney is because as a country we need to be in damage control mode. The Bamster has fired the scuttling charges on this country and we need to plug the leaks before we make full-scale repairs. The Bamster has gutted/is gutting the military,  lowered America's stature in the world, crapped on the Constitution, and has basically run roughshod over the American people. Romney at the moment is our best bet to plug the leaks. 
      However, as much as we need Romney in 2012, we need to kick his butt in 2016. I have supported Cain, then Santorum, and now Romney over the GOP primary. The only reason I can now support Romney is because he is the lesser of the evils, and I can only pray that we will get a real conservative in 2016. For the moment we either get behind Romney, or we are done for. 

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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