Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aw Rats: TS Debbie Might Hit Texas

     Well, looks like we got ourselves a situation, AccuWeather reports that Tropical Storm Debby has finally  formed, and in record time. The question is now who will it clobber?

Debby will continue to crawl northward this weekend, but should get steered to the west-southwest toward Texas or northern Mexico as the ridge of high pressure expands. Given this solution, landfall would likely be delayed until the middle or latter part of next week.

This track should eventually put Debby in an environment conducive for further strengthening, giving the tropical storm the opportunity to become a hurricane.
Even though Debby is expected to track away from Florida, additional tropical moisture and downpours could still be directed across the state through early next week.

     It might not hit Houston, but then again it might. We'll be keeping on eye on it down here. Posting will be light through the end of next week, and maybe longer. I'll keep ya'll posted on how it goes.

Photo Credit: NOAA, AccuWeather


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