Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Varyag Begins Sea Trials

     Defense news reports that the Varyag is beginning her sea trials.
     This a big milestone for Chinese sea power, as they will be able to hit targets farther away than before, and also be able to intimidate weaker countries. China Defense Blog also reported  that a no-fly zone is in effect off of China's coast where the Varyag will probably undergo her sea trials.
     One aspect of Varyag's sea trials is that will the U.S., Taiwan, or Japan launch reconnaissance flights over or near the Varyag's battle group? Will the U.S. send submarines to watch the sea trials? Other questions about the Varyag's sea trials are, how will the propulsion systems perform? Will the Chinese try to land aircraft on the Varyag? Will the Chinese test the Varyag's air defense systems against drones? Will the Chinese hold drills covering under way replenishment? 
     Either way you look at this, it is a milestone for the Chinese navy, but as I have said before the Varyag is not a large threat to the U.S..


Photo Credit: China Defense blog

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