Thursday, August 25, 2011

Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile And Torpedo

     Defense News reports that Iran has unveiled a new cruise missile named "Able", and a new naval torpedo named "The Dawn". 
     Iranian media claim that the "Able" has a range of 120 miles and "possessing high destructive ability which can be used against coastal targets and warships". The "Able" also looks similar to the Chinese C-802 which Iran already has roughly 60 of, and possibly many more. 
     The new torpedo designated "The Dawn" , has a payload of 485 pounds and, "can be used in shallow or deep water" in the words of the Iranian media. 
     This is not the first time Iran has exaggerated the ability of it's weapons, but if used en-masse these weapons and the rest of Iran's arsenal could easily shut down the Strait Of Hormuz.    

Photo Credit: Defense Tech

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