Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Aw Crap

     Sorry I have been gone so long, but life kinda got in the way for a while. Regardless here we are, 11/7/12, the day after the election. And we have a big problem, Sparky got reelected. Romney ran a pretty good campaign there, but he failed to hit Obama where it hurt. Romney did not go after Obama's past (drugs, communism, etc...), just like McCain. So here we stand, and as the title of the post suggests, aw crap.
     Here are my predictions for the DoD in the next four years.

1. Cut numbers of CVs, CGs,  cancel SSBN-X, Flight III Burkes, and the Zumwalts.

2. Cancel all versions of the F-35, and retire legacy fighters without a viable replacement.

3. Cut Army and Marine Corps numbers by +25%. Also, kiss the MPC and any upgraded AAV goodbye.

4. Cut the LRS-B (Next Generation Bomber), and F/A-XX, and any other future aircraft program.

5. Lots of peace-keeping missions. Think Somalia and the Balkans mid-90s, Black Hawk Down, and all associated crap.

6. Cut missile defense, including any co-operation with the Israelis, and removing the missile shield over Europe.

7. Cutting deployed nuclear weapons down to ~300 devices.
    This is just for starters, this is not including sequestration. What with GOP gains in the House, and Dem gains in the Senate, sequestration is coming at us like a 100 car freight train. Carter was bad, Obama will be worse.

And for the record, I voted. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go pray hard.

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