Friday, April 22, 2011

More Bang For Your Truck: The Club K Cruise Missile System

Your eyes do not deceive you folks, thats right a cruise missile system in a shipping container. The Russian defense firm Concern Morinformsystem-Agat is marketing the launcher for as the company says "hitting surface and land targets". Well, folks I trust the Russians about as much as the United Nations and, if a defense firm is selling something that can be smuggled in rather easily by way of our southern border, I don't like it one bit. This system is so revolutionary that officials at the Port of Savannah in Georgia had never heard of it until a local news station asked them about it. Furthermore the company making the Club K says that it can be moved by way of sea and rail so, get in the border with Mexico, put it on a railway and pick it up again at some distant location, the perfect terrorist weapon right? ConcernAgat the company's YouTube channel posted a video showing the Club K in action in a perfect scenario, check it out:


    The idea of putting a Klub series missile inside a shipping container is an interesting concept but, since the Russians will sell anything short of nuclear weapons and delivery systems to anyone with enough money it poses hazards to every country in the world. For instance, say Osama Bin Laden decides to use some of his vast fortune to say, buy 10 Club K units, ships them to Mexico, bribes the Mexican customs into letting him through and, then runs them into the U.S.. From there you have a multitude of problems since thousands upon thousands of shipping containers move through the U.S. daily and, the ones you are looking for look exactly the same as the ones carrying merchandise to the grocery store. Then you have 40 cruise missiles aimed at targets throughout the U.S. then they let fly and, wham! At least 20 high value targets like the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building, gone or severely damaged in an instant. 
     What makes this situation worse is that this could happen to any country in the world, all you need are some muslim extremists or disgruntled citizens, a few million dollars, which is turned into a few Club K units and wham! 

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