Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Been 6 Months Since The Missile Launch Off California

     It's been almost six months since the mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast. I have heard ideas that it was something to do with pissed off teachers unions to, that it was a Chinese submarine missile launch showing the U.S., China can reach us. The government says that it was just a jet contrail and nothing out of the ordinary. What started this whole thing was a grainy video taken by a news helicopter showing something flying up. Here is the raw video:

     At 0:11 in the video there is a glowing red dot on the end of whatever was flying up, I have been to several air shows and jet engines from that distance do NOT glow like that. The only flying machine that flies like that is a rocket and, on November 9, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency posted a warning to shipping in the area, that the area the missile originated from that there would be ”intermittent missile firing operations”.
     Hypothetically speaking, if it were a Chinese Type 094  Jin-class SSBN that launched a JL-2 SLBM this would show a stunning collapse of American SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System) systems, early warning systems and most of all, American anti-ballistic missile systems. If it were true that the Chinese launched a missile off the U.S. coast, quite frankly there will and would be hell to pay in the Pentagon and Capital Hill. However, I have doubts that it was the Chinese that did this because the noise that most of their submarines make underwater is somewhat akin to a Mettalica concert on steroids. The only Chinese submarine that could make it to the U.S. coast without being detected is a Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine but, a Kilo submarine's range is only about 400 miles at 3 knots or 6,000 to 7,500 miles with snorkel at 7 knots. Furthermore, if it was a Kilo it would obviously have to use it's snorkel and that is 10 times more noisy than a Chinese SSBN. Also, Kilo's cannot launch any sort of ballistic missile and, I don't think a SA-N-8 Gremlin would make that sort of exhaust (the land version is called the SA-14 Gremlin).
      Now that China for the most part is ruled out, the only other nations that have SSBNs are the United States, United Kingdom, France and Russia. The United Kingdom and France both keep their SSBNs in the Atlantic ocean and Russia only has Typhoon-class and Delta III and IV-class submarines both of which are easily detectable by sonar nets (SOSUS) and have no reason to provoke us like this. That leaves the US of A, if it were the U.S. that would explain the missile launch warning from the feds and, the Navy is currently working on the replacement for the Ohio-class SSBNs called the SSBN-X. The SSBN-X is supposed to carry the successor to the Trident D-5 carried by all U.S. SSBNs at the moment, this missile is called the Trident E-6 which is expected to go into service in 2030. It is a bit early but, it might not be a ballistic missile because the U.S. military is known for highly classified projects that only come out 10-20+ years later like the F-117, SR-71 and CONSTANT PEG.
       Whatever the object was the government seems very nervous about releasing any info about what it was except the story that it was a jet. Our dear leader (thats sarcasm) Barack Obama once said  "the only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." 

Photo Credit: CNN

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