Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's That Time of Year

Thats right, its time to endlessly haggle over money for welfare, earmarks, Defense and those other things, all that equals = FY 2012 Federal Budget! I could go on and on about all the money being wasted on projects like, testing the effects of cocaine on monkeys, or expanding an airport in the middle on nowhere in Pennsylvania (incidentally the airport is in the deceased John "King of Earmarks" Murtha's district). But, alas this blog talks about defense not politics. So, where was I? Oh, yes the FY 2012 defense budget, well the DoD (short for the Department of Defense) is asking for roughly $553 billion dollars ($553,000,000,0000) for fiscal year 2012. Here is some of the procurement budget that the DoD is asking for:

The F-35 program gets roughly 9.5 billion dollars for 32 F-35's, variant makeup for the purchase is as follows, 19 F-35A's (the Air Force variant), 6 F-35B's (the Marine Corps variant, which has more problems than parts and needs to be canceled) and 7 F-35C's (the Navy variant).

The Air Forces new bomber program gets 2 billion dollars for, obviously the bomber and the sustainment of the Minuteman III ICBMs and modernizing the Navy's Trident D5 SLBMs (which both desperately need to be replaced). 

The Air Force is also requesting 2 billion dollars for modernizing F-15 radar systems.

The Air Force is requesting 1.1 billion dollars for 48 MQ-9 Reaper drones and 36 MQ-1C Grey Eagle drones. 

The Air Force wants 307 million dollars for a new high speed trainer.

The Air Force is also requesting 1.3 billion dollars for satellites and heavy lift vehicles

The Navy gets 1.1 billion dollars for research on its new SSBN(X) class of submarines.

The Navy also asking for money for extending production of the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet through 2014 with an injection of 2 and a half billion dollars to buy 28 more Super Hornets, and the Navy also is asking for more money to buy F/A-18G Growlers.

The Navy also is requesting money as follows:
5 billion dollars for 2 Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines, 2.1 billion dollars for DDG-51 AEGIS destroyers, 1.5 billion dollars for AEGIS ballistic missile defense, 2.3 billion dollars for Littoral Combat Ship purchases, 1.9 billion dollars for a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock, 2 billion dollars for America-class amphibious assault ships, 426 million dollars for the Mobile Landing Platform.

The Army is requesting 800 million dollars for the development of a new family of armored vehicles, and 200 million is going to developing the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

Other budgets highlights are 877.1 million dollars for the KC-X program, purchases of 10 HC/MC-130Js, 1 C-130J, 9 C-27s, 6 CV-22s (one is coming from the war budget), 9 Light Attack Armed Reconnaissance aircraft, 4 HH-60G Pave Hawks (one is coming from the war budget), 2 Common Vertical Lift Support Program, 63.1 million dollars for purchasing C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP) kits, refueling and overhaul of the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72, and finally the budget allows for the advance procurement of CVN-72 of the Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers.

Remember, this is most of the procurement budget which does not includes the war budget, health care costs and everything else, this is just part of the procurement budget. 


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