Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1967 & '73 All Over Again

As everyone has probably heard, extremely large and somewhat violent protests have rocked Egypt demanding Egyptian president Hosni Mubaracks resignation, and demanding a democratic form of government. What is puzzling is that the vast majority of Egypt's population is Muslim, and Muslims generally want Sharia Law which has almost no rights for women and is similar to an oligarch. An oligarch is form of government in which most of power in the country is concentrated in a small group of leaders, similar to what the Egyptians already have. The difference is the behind these protests is the Muslim Brotherhood which is a radical Muslim terrorist group which is believed to have some connections to Al-Qaeda and have some responsibility for the assassination of the former Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha in 1948. But, the main reason the Muslim Brotherhood is leading these protests is that in 1978 Anwar El Sadat signed the Camp David Accords leading to a cold peace between Egypt and Israel for the past 33 years. Now the Muslim Brotherhood wishes to reignite the millenia long war between the Arab people and the Israelis. If and when it does come to war between the Arabs and the Jews, the Jews will odds 50 to 1 smash any Egyptian attack anywhere on their border with Egypt.

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