Monday, April 15, 2013

Analysis & Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing

     As of 2200 CST, 3 Americans are dead and 141 are injured because of two bomb blasts along the Boston Marathon route. One was located directly at the finish line, and a second was located before the finish line by about one block and detonated 10 seconds after the finish line bomb. The police have a 20 year old Saudi national in custody, and he is considered a person of interest.
     Now, the blast came from a backpack bomb located in a trash can, and from reports it was also loaded with ball bearings and the like. The blast is relatively small, not as big as some IEDs, but big enough to do a helluva a lot of damage. I'm curious as to what explosive the bomber used, and how much of it. If it was a backpack bomb, it could not have been more than ~15lbs, allowing for about 5lbs of metal for shrapnel.
      That only covers the bombing, if this "person of interest" is a Saudi chances are he is a Muslim. If so, that means it was religiously motivated. Notice how Obama has refrained from calling this an act of terrorism. I'm also curious how he (the bomber) got in-country without flags going up over a possible terror threat.
     This could have been a lot worse, but with only 3 dead so far it's not that bad. However, as more info comes out concerning the run up to the bombing, expect o of this to be damning for he Federal government.

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