Friday, December 28, 2012

Y-20 : China's New Heavy Lift Transport

Rumors have been floating around lately about a new Chinese transport about the size of the A400M with associated grainy pics. However, yesterday it became official as the DoD confirmed that China is developing a new transport known as the Y-20. This is a major development, as the Y-20 the largest aircraft China has built to date indigenously. A few questions that come to mind, 1) are what engines are being used, as China has historically had problems with local designed and built engines, 2) How will this affect the airmobile and paratroop elements of the PLA, 3) Will China produce a tanker version of the Y-20 like the Russians did with the IL-76, amongst others. Interesting times as the Y-20 is third new aircraft unveiled by China in just two years, the other being the J-20 and F-60. Can't wait to see what 2013 brings with new ChiComm developments and tensions in the Spratleys and Senkakus.

Here are a few photos of the Y-20 and a couple CGI pics.

Photo Credit: SNAFU!, China Defense Blog

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