Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ron Paul Thinks Romney Is Scared Of Him

From The Blaze

Texas Rep. Ron Paul on Friday said the Romney campaign is “insecure” about him speaking at the Republican National Convention next month, possibly because they’re concerned about him using it as a platform to rally his supporters.
Nebraska‘s state GOP convention Saturday is Paul’s last chance to win an official presence and speaking slot in Florida. Under the RNC’s bylaws, Paul needs to win a plurality of delegates in five states to be awarded a convention spot. So far, he has four: Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Louisiana. Nebraska is his final hope, though even supporters admit it’s a long shot.
“I think the Romney campaign organization is very insecure,” said Paul in an interview on Fox Business.
Paul said he hasn‘t heard directly from Romney on whether he’ll be given a spot, but said he‘s gotten the sense that it’s the RNC that’s more open to letting him have a presence.
“They [the Romney campaign] want this thing to go smoothly,” he said. “But all conventions are like that. And this is the one thing that annoys me a bit. If they want this thing to go smoothly and be a big media event, and it costs the taxpayers $18 million, and they don’t want a discussion, why can’t we have a little debate?”
     Mr. Paul, the reason no one wants you to speak is because as soon as you talk about anything half the audience falls over with laughter at your naivete. That's the truth.

Photo Credit: CS Monitor

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