Monday, May 23, 2011

Chinese General Says That “China never intends to challenge the U.S.”

The Blaze reports that General Chen Bingde who is roughly equivalent to the to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was in Washington to help increase cooperation between the U.S. and Communist Chinese militaries. While in Washington he gave a 45 -minute speech at the National Defense University to play down fears of Chinese intentions, during the speech Gen. Bingde stated “China never intends to challenge the U.S.".
     Allow me to show you that what Mr. Bingde said is a bald faced lie. As I have discussed previously China is overhauling the former Soviet carrier Varyag and there is a very good possibility that the Varyag will be ready for sea trials by the end of this year. Now, aircraft carriers are not defensive weapons, they are designed to take the fight to the enemy from 350+ miles away. Now why would a nation that borders mostly nations that have lousy armed forces (with the exception of India and Russia) need an aircraft carrier? Surely China doesn't need an aircraft carrier to bully Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, or the Philippines? No, most of these countries have nil in the way of a blue water navy, the only country in the Pacific that is a threat to the Chinese is the U.S. The U.S. has the largest Air Force, Navy and best Army in the world and is the only military in the Pacific that can defeat the Chinese military.
     The only reason why the Chinese would build a stealth fighter that possibly has the capability to sink aircraft carriers would be to threaten American aircraft carriers. Honestly, I believe the Chinese are scared of American aircraft carriers, why else would they develop a ballistic missile specifically for sinking aircraft carriers?
      The only thing holding China back from domination the Pacific Ocean is the U.S. military and the Chinese know it. China's massive military buildup in the last 10 years is meant for one purpose, to challenge the U.S. on the high seas and in the air and defeat the U.S. in war. 

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